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I have been  fortunate to have been raised in two extreemely different cultures.  I also had the privelige of learning and speaking two different languages and living for extended periods in both cultures.  Born in America to Tiv parents, I lived in America for a great part my life, but I was raised in the ways of the Tiv. My parents saw the importance of cultural identity and at a very early age made it clear to us that we were Tiv people living in America.  Today, I see the world and people differently because of my early exposure to many cultures. I have a greater appreciation for culture and humanity because of this. 

With the world at our finger tips we can now travel virtually to any part of the world, learn a new culture and a new language without ever leaving the comfort of our homes. The desire of my heart is to bring as much of the Tiv culture and language to the world as I can.

I am not by any means an expert on Tiv language, culture and customs but I am willing to share the little that I know and the little that I have gathered through research. I want anyone who visits this website to leave with a little more knowledge about the Tiv people than they had before.



We have a simple mission and vision to share culture and language of Tiv People with the world, and by so doing preserve this wonderful culture and language for the future generations. 

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We are continually working hard to improve the content of this website.  If you have a contribution in the form of ideas, pictures or new information to add to this website please send us an email through the contact us page or leave a message on our Facebook page .

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