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IDP Camps are centers harboring Persons who have been forced to flee their homes but remain within the country's borders.  IDP Camps which were once unheard of in Tivland have become very common.  Due to Fulani Herdsmen attacks on the people of Benue States and other parts of Nigeria, many have been forced to flee their homes and are now living as displaced persons in IDP camps across the State and the Country as a whole. There are currently about 20 IDP camps and over 130,000  displaced persons living in them in Benue state, and the number increases everyday as more and more people flee their homes to take refuge in these camps . 

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 I have a great appreciation for Tiv culture, Tiv Language, Tiv Food and Tiv people as  a whole. 

The desire of my heart is to bring as much of the Tiv culture and language to the world as I can.




We have a simple mission and vision to share culture and language of Tiv People with the world, and by so doing preserve this wonderful culture and language for the future generations. 


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